The Adult Escort Industry

The Adult Escort Industry

The Adult Escort Industry is a flourishing business. Whether you want to refer to them as escorts, courtesans or prostitutes, sex sells and it always has. And we don't imagine the business is going to come to an end in the near future!

In English, the word escort includes a various interpretations. There are various activities which can be sometimes classed as escorting, tour guides and straightforward companions for instance. To most though an escort is a provider of intimate companionship. These kinds of escorts are the ultimate girlfriends. Whenever we discuss the escort market we are referring to the type of escort who offers erotic services within the adult industry.

The adult sector and escorts appear unable to get rid of their poor identity. Some people want to see escorting and the adult sector cease to exist. Society has within the last couple of generations changed its opinion, a lot of that's to do with pious Victorians, who publicly decried sex for cash, although privately developed some of the most sensual porn around! There is additionally the question of exploitation and trafficking. The legislation do attempt to overcome these problems. Nevertheless plenty of people would probably still feel buying sex is wrong, without really being able to say why.

Money is a key factor in the industry. There is certainly money to be made in the adult industry. Escorts generally are not financially exploited as they might have been in the past. Women can earn an excellent income as an escort. Undoubtedly one attraction is the ability to make more than the average wage in a less than 5 hours! So the financial attraction is strong. Essentially you work for yourself, so you can take time off when you want to, and since you'll be earning good money you can probably afford to holiday often! Although you will have to spend money taking care of yourself, that's not usually a hardship! Staying in shape, getting your hair done and making sure you always look good is important. If you've got what it takes, you can make an excellent living as an escort.

True, the law is difficult in parts to understand. Working as an escort in the UK is not illegal. What the law is really concerned with is protecting women in particular from exploitation and keeping prostitution off the streets. Whether male or female both can be exploited in this industry. For escort agencies it's a bit more complicated, but they can be run successfully and lucratively, if you go about it in the right way. A little bit of research will show you that there are thousands of escorts and no shortage of escort agencies either. Many run legitimate companies, declaring their incomes for tax purposes.

Whilst it's likely the majority of escorts don't declare their incomes, some do. Declaring your income can be a help if you want to get a mortgage or credit. Many set themselves up as a sole trader business and try and avoid actually saying they are an escort. It's not necessary to be specific about what you do.

Escorts do not consider themselves prostitutes. There is a difference. An escort is happy to spend as long as a client wants with them, so long as they are paying for it. But remember that she is probably charging over a £100 an hour! Prostitutes on the other hand are the quick, cheap thrill., An escort is going to provide something altogether more sensual. It's an altogether different experience. The vast majority of escorts in the UK are not being exploited and are making a choice to work as an escort. If a woman or a man chooses to work as an escort because they are attracted by the money available, then that should be their choice. But we do need to be sure that it is a free choice and not driven by need. Possibly the line between an escort and a prostitute is the reason they are a sex worker. Escort agencies do not want to represent girls who are addicts or have other problems. They really want clients to come back repeatedly and thus choose to display quality girls that enjoy their work

In conclusion, the adult sector is not going anywhere soon. Having sex is one thing we all do and need, it really is totally normal! The most important thing is to remain safe and take care of your body and your health.