Why Do Men Book Escorts?

Escort service is a very popular industry which serves numerous men and women throughout the world every day. Although both men and women use escort services, male clients outnumber female ones in a big way. Now there are many theories behind why men book and use escorts so much. While none of the theories can answer this completely, each is quite true on its own. We shall discuss the most prominent ones in this article.

Men of almost all developed countries use escort services. One of the primary reasons for men using escort service is to eradicate loneliness. People who do not have a girlfriend or a wife or who are just coming out of a break-up or a divorce can feel very lonely at times. These people can easily hire an escort by calling an agency or from a website and set up a meeting with a girl. The company of these escorts provide at least momentary companionship to boost their spirit.

A large percentage of men who hire escorts for pleasure are businessmen or professionals who travel nationally or internationally on a regular basis. Whenever they are visiting a place, they often hit up the local strip clubs or call up on an escort to provide them with some quality time. This happens because when people are on a business trip, they often travel alone and the loneliness can engulf them during evenings or the weekends. And it may be difficult for them to find a date during their short stay. So the best and easiest way to entertainment is escorts.

Some people on the other hand cannot build or stay in a stable relationship due to various reasons. For them, escort service is the option of choice as well. They can just have the companionship when they are lonely and then get on with their activities. That way, they do not feel the pressure of having to be in a relationship.

Some people just like the physical aspect of the escort service. Many men around the world love having sexual encounters and for them one partner is often not enough. These people can often resort to paid sex to satiate their needs. The no strings attached nature of sex that can be experienced by hiring escorts cannot easily be surpassed by most other experiences for these people.

One important reason behind the surge in escort services in recent times is definitely the changed lifestyle. The world is into a rat race today and everyone is running as fast as possible to build careers. The traditional ways of finding a suitable companion and sexual partner, i.e. dating and courting can prove to be too much time taking for the professionals of generation Y. They want their partners as fast as their fast foods. These people often end up hiring escorts on a regular basis to keep their loneliness away.

There are some men who hire escorts just for the sake of companionship. As rare as it is, this does happen. The reasons behind that can be varied. People sometimes hire beautiful girls to adorn their presence in a party or a high school reunion. Some are just looking for a person to talk to and most of the escorts are very nice people and patient listeners. In fact since the escorts cannot divulge information about their clients, men can often share their dirtiest secrets with these girls and feel relieved. Many people hire them because they might be headed to a party where it will be stupid to go alone but they do not have partners. In any way, escorts can provide lovely companionship to such people.

The adventurous sex that often comes with hiring escorts compel some men to invest in one. Some men like domination, role plays or other kinky forms of sex which may be offensive to their girlfriends or wives. But escort girls are often up for such activities and there are some niche agencies that provide girls for exactly these kinds of activities. For men like these, hiring an escort is the best way to go.

Escorts can be the best remedies for depression. Imagine you are feeling awfully low but do not have a partner to cheer you up. Your friends are busy with their lives and do not have the time to spend with you. If someone reaches this state, he might as well hire an escort. Escorts are very fun and cheerful girls by virtue of their profession and can understand the clients’ moods within moments. They can then act accordingly and make the clients happy.

Though it is unfortunate, sometimes men have a troubled married life. It might be because of various reasons but these people can feel very lonely, sad and helpless. A large number of men who hire escorts belong to this category. They hire girls because they need momentary relief from all the turmoil in their lives. Under certain circumstances, escorts can be great stress busters in occasions such as these.

Psychologists suggest some other reasons for men hiring escorts too. Some people are addicted to sex and often the only way to support their addictions is via paid sex. Some people feel important and bossy by being around a girl who is ready to obey his commands and not exert her own opinions. Some people are afraid of regular relationships and marriages and find solace within the embrace of a hired escort. Some men are introduced to escorts by their buddies and end up using the escort service just out of peer pressure. And after all that, there are those who do it just for fun or for the sake of trying it at least once.

As evident from these points, there can be “n” number of reasons behind a man hiring an escort. It can be a very simple reason or very complicated. There can be several factors working behind his decision to book an escort. This is just an attempt to put together the more dominant reasons but there can surely be others. We hope this article has helped you.